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Sister Bell Pendant w/ Chain

$ 94.00

This handcrafted sterling silver Sister Bell Pendant has “sisters are forever” inscribed on one side and sisters holding hands on the other side with a purse for a bail and a tube of lipstick for the clapper. Our Sister Bell has been a favorite for years. Includes a 22" sterling silver snake chain.

Actual size:  1 1/2 in.

This comes with a story card that reads:

No one understands me quite like you, my sister. Together, we’ve shared jokes, memories, even our smallest secrets and biggest dreams. Together, we’ve laughed and cried hard. We’ve learned what matters most in life, while all the while discovering our unique selves, creating an amazing tie and lasting friendship. May this bell celebrate the sister’s we’ve always been and the friends we’ve become.

1 piece in stock.

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